UPDATED April 15, 2020

Our office has implemented a strategy to protect our employees and clients during the current outbreak of COVID-19.  During the “Stay Home Stay Healthy” order by our state, we are working remotely as much as possible.    One of our staff members will come in as necessary to process checks and mail and other necessary business when needed.

All time-loss and pension checks will be mailed, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Our staff is considered essential, and we will continue to remain available via phone, text, email, and Facebook. We will have access to claim information for most clients and will continue to work on claims remotely. Please be aware that you may experience a delay in response time due to these procedures being implemented. We appreciate your patience with us during this time. We hope that you are all being safe and taking proper precautions in your own lives as well.

Should you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact our office.

Phone: 360-528-8808
Text: 360-226-0325

Office Careers

KING5 News in Seattle is currently investigating Office Careers, an unaccredited online training course for injured workers.

Here are links to their stories:

Washington investigating unaccredited school that retrains injured workers. 

Washington State regulators launch investigation into Office Careers

Judges slam Washington’s use of unaccredited school to retrain injured workers.

State paid millions to retrain injured workers at unaccredited school. 

If you are currently enrolled in Office Careers, involved in Vocational Rehabilitation services, or need any assistance with your industrial injury claim,  please contact our office.  

New Website

After months of design and planning, Atlas Law is proud to announce an all new website at     Our new site is redesigned on an all new platform, and will better integrate with our Social Media platforms.  There’s also a contact page, and our texting information.    We will soon be adding more content and more information.

Post Office Delays, Checks

Over the last several weeks, we have seen an increase in delays from our post office.  Unfortunately this is beyond our control.   We do understand that this unnecessary delay is stressful to our clients, and we are increasing our efforts to minimize and reduce these delays.

Currently it takes a minimum of 2 business days, sometimes 3-4, to receive checks from the department.   We are working to shift to electronic payments from the department.  Many self-insured employers use administrators from out of state.  It can take several days to receive checks from these administrators.  There are currently no alternatives.

If you have, or establish, an account with bank with Columbia Bank, we can deposit your time-loss or pension benefits into your account the same day we receive them.  All you have to do is provide us with your account number.

Additionally, we offer text alerts for all of our clients.    You may sign up today with our office to receive free text messages when your check arrives in our office.

We understand it is frustrating when checks are delayed.


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New Pilot Program by Labor and Industries

Posted on: 28 September 2017

By: Atlas Law

Beginning October 1, Labor and Industries is beginning a pilot program for acupuncture treatment.
If you have low back pain, associated with an accepted condition related to your Industrial Injury claim, and your attending provider believes that acupuncture may be a curative treatment option, the department may pay up for up to 10 visits to see an acupuncturist.
Additional rules apply. For more information see the department’s page at:

New Pilot Program for Accupuncture

Beginning October 1, Labor and Industries is beginning a pilot program for acupuncture treatment.
If you have low back pain, associated with an accepted condition related to your Industrial Injury claim, and your attending provider believes that acupuncture may be a curative treatment option, the department may pay up for up to 10 visits to see an acupuncturist.
Additional rules apply. For more information see the department’s page at:

PTD after PPD

Generally, if an injured worker received a Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) award for an injury and is then later found to be Permanently Totally Disabled (PTD) due to the same injury, the Department may recover payments made on the PPD award from the PTD award. However, a worker who is injured and is later found to be permanently and totally disabled (PTD) is entitled to a full pension, even if that injured worker had previously received a permanent partial disability (PPD) award from a prior, unrelated industrial injury.

In a recently published opinion( Michael L. Sims v. Department of Labor and Industries), the Court of Appeals determined that if an injured worker is found to be permanently totally disabled, they are not entitled to a permanent partial disability award for a subsequent injury.

The Court of Appeals found that the effective date of PTD is the determinative date for deciding what benefits an injured worker is entitled to under any subsequent injury claims and not the date of the Department’s decision to classify a worker as PTD. Since the injured worker in the Sims case had been classified as PTD starting at a time prior to sustaining the second injury, the Court decided that the Department’s order that denied Mr. Sims additional PPD benefits under his second claim was correct. For more information regarding PPD and PTD, please contact us for a free consultation.

Filing a claim within 1 year

Recent court of Appeals Case clarifies an injured worker’s responsibility to file a claim within one year of workplace accident.
The Washington State Court of Appeals recently issued an unpublished decision that reinforces the importance of filing a report with the Department of Labor and Industries within one year of a workplace accident. The case involved an injured worker who sustained two head injuries at work. He received first aid and then continued to work. Unfortunately, the injured worker never filed a claim with the Department of Labor and Industries. The injured worker later developed migraines, eye pain, and hearing loss. He was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury approximately two years after the initial injuries. With the assistance of his doctor, the injured worker submitted a claim with the Department of Labor & Industries. However, the Department denied the claim because the injured worker submitted his claim more than one year after the date of injury. The Court of Appeals upheld the Department’s denial, finding that the injured worker’s failure to file a claim within one year of the date of injury precluded him from recovery under the Industrial Insurance Act. [Please see our Blog article on Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim.] link to that article as well.
Workers injured on the job may avoid filing a claim with the Department of Labor and Industries or downplay their injuries for a number of reasons. Those reasons may include a fear of causing their employer “problems,” a desire to avoid “paper work,” not wanting to loose pay or a job assignment they enjoy, as well as a number of other reasons not listed here. However, many falls, cuts, and sprains can become serious injuries later if they are not treated promptly. Unfortunately, the law is strict regarding the amount of time an injured worker has to file a claim following an incident. Sadly, there is no consideration given to the many hurdles an injured worker must go through to establish a claim.
We invite you to contact us if you have had an accident at work and are not sure whether you should file a claim.

Worker Memorial Day 2016

In 2015, 58 people died from work-related causes. Among those are truck drivers, construction workers, a firefighter, a bookkeeper, a pilot, and loggers.
Those who died were someone’s sibling, child, parent, or grandparent, spouse, or a close friend.
This Thursday, April 28, 2016 is Washington State’s annual Worker Memorial day. Governor Inslee, Director Sacks from Labor and Industries, and other government leaders will memorialize those lost in 2015.
This year, we remember those workers who lost their lives. Among those killed in 2015 include:
A police officer, who died of complications from surgery related to an injury he sustained while arresting a suspect.
Three forest service workers who became trapped while fighting the Twist River fire in Eastern Washington.
A construction worker and business owner who was crushed by a wall that collapsed.
We at Atlas Law extend our best thoughts and wishes to the families of anyone who has lost a loved one as the result of a work related injury. If your loved one is killed or injured as the result of a workplace injury or exposure, and you want more information on potential benefits, please contact our office.